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Literally everything about Gone Girl was a disappointment; the banal writing, the incredibly contrived “~twist~”, the stereotypical “psycho bitch” (that phrase probably appears at least a hundred times in the book), the rampant misogyny, and the disrespect to the real-life case the book was obviously modeled on. And I love how the author is all, “One could point to Scott and Laci Peterson” as if the novel wasn’t a complete play by play (at least for the first half) of that fucking awful case, including the pregnancy and surprise mistress and even demeanor of the husband. Turning the victim expy into a “psycho bitch” stalker sociopath who was really the villain all along, muahahaha, was so completely stupid I literally just sort of laughed when I read it.

And then she traps him with a pregnancy in the end, oh my god, it’s like the author went, “Hmm, what are all the stereotypical misogynistic complaints men have about women and how can I present a narrative in which they are completely justified?” Because they are; the book wants you to root for Nick, who spends the entire novel alternately whining like a five year old, spewing frothy hate about what bitches women are, cheating, or fantasizing about bashing his wife’s head in. And the narrative excuses it. It wants you to go, “Oh, poor Nick!” 

My favorite thing about this books is that people are apparently asking her, “How can you write so convincingly from a man’s point of view?” like one: writing the word “bitch” and talking about coming on a 23 year old’s tits is the most difficult thing ever, such talent, and two:having a convincing male voice apparently means being the biggest fucking whiny manbaby in the world who still needs his mom to cut the crusts off his sandwich bread. (This is an actual thing that happens in the book. That wasn’t a joke.)

I would be insulted if I were a man, but I’m not, so I’m just laughing. Because, thinking about it, actually the largest ~plot twist~ of Gone Girl is that the husband is the biggest bitch of all.

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  1. lyricalred said: Thank you so much for saving me the trouble of reading what I had already strongly suspected was a terrible book
  2. stereotypical-slytherin said: Sharp Objects wasn’t any better, in my opinion. I find it difficult to understand why everyone is so obsessed with Flynn. She just seems sort of…gross.
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