(Ignore my extremely happy face, I got about three hours of sleep last night, blehh)

So I’ve got a space for the Tooth Fairy, Bunnymand, and the Sandman on my altar (Jack Frost has his own separate space and I don’t have anything for North yet ;_;), and I’ve left them offerings, but I have yet to do any actual magic with them and that really needs to be remedied

because look at that that is a fucking crayon in the shape of the Sandman HOW COOL IS THAT

it’s so cool that I had to do something with it other than use it as a figurine and fawn over it

so okay anyway here’s what I did with it:

~*~*make your dreams come true wooo spell*~*~

(the wooo is necessary
the wooo is always necessary)

Because who better to help make your dreams a reality than the Sandman?

1.) I wrote a short summary of my dream/goal and then used that to make a sigil. (For a great rundown on making sigils, see this post from someone who describes the process much better than I ever could.)

2.) I used my Sandman crayon to draw the sigil on a piece of paper (I actually used my acceptance letter from the boarding school I went to because that was representative of the fulfillment of one dream of mine), while I thought about my dream/goal over and over.

3.) After I thought I had poured enough energy into it, I wrapped up the now-charged piece of paper and put it in a little pouch, where I usually keep my Sandman crayon/awesome figurine, and put it on the altar.. (Also I stuffed the pouch with gold glitter because dreamsand and just…glitter, man. I like it, okay?)

And that’s it, I’ve got my own dreams-come-true + Sandman charm that’ll remind me of my goal, and help me achieve it.

Now go make your dreams come true, so I can ruin them with my nightmare work :D

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