Goldfish, 1901-1902  (detail) // Gustav Klimit


I spent approximately 89.9% of my art school education crying over Klimt and this has not changed



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If I opened a flower shop I’d want it to be called Les Fleurs du mal 

I know it couldn’t really but still

About poetry book: I'd love to get my hands on a copy. I'd love hearing how/what you think. But none of that creepy dissection stuff. Your brain is perfect as is & where it is.
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Thank you

I saw a post earlier comparing various religions and sex. Something along the lines of "Christian Bible says a woman can be sold to her rapist, Quaran says women must always be sexually submissive to a male, Satanic bible says not to make sexual advances unless it's reciprocated." The whole thing disgusted me (just the tone in general, not the "don't hurt people" connotation). Do you have any commentary you'd like to add, as a Satanist?
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I do have commentary to add as a Satanist.

The Bible verse being referenced is actually in the Torah, and not the specifically Christian portion of the Bible…which makes it even older.

The verse specifically states that the man who rapes a woman is to be put to death if she is married, and if not, that he must pay the bride price (this is not buying a wife, but paying for her family’s loss of an able bodied worker) and marry her with no option to divorce her. This would be to ensure that the woman was provided for the rest of her life, and he could seek no excuse to take away said support.

By our modern standards, this is a horrifying thought but at the time this meant a woman’s virtue could not be stolen from her only to leave her undesired (as virgins were most desirable) and uncared for to die. In it’s own way, this ensured the woman was given power over the man who attempted to break her. It’s obviously not ideal, but we have to come to terms with the fact that Ancient World laws came from the Ancient World.

I assume the reference to the Qur’an refers to the fact that in Islam a married woman is not to deny her husband’s sexual advances (unless they are seen as immoral or she is currently unavailable to him, such as during menses.) This may make one quick to come to arms, but then you dismiss that a man is also supposed to accept his wife’s sexual advances without complaint.

That sounds like a logical set of standards to me.

As for the Satanic Bible, that ‘law’ was written by an atheist who encouraged his daughter to seek a relationship with a serial rapist (for media coverage so arguably he sold her best interest for shock value.)

Pardon me if I’m unimpressed.

Do not ever try to be affectionate towards me by being violent towards me


I would not mess with my girlfriend.

He compels the soul to hate for having loved too well.
Lord Byron (via psycodramax)

are we going to need one of these every week

Do people not realize that that shit is super fucking creepy? Like, you're a person, and they have no right??? What the fuck.
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The nice way to say “I appreciate how you think” is to just say that